Established in the summer of 1997, Newgen Group of Companies. is a British Columbia-registered corporation. We specialize in the management, development, and construction of mixed-use, multi-family and condominium developments in Metro Vancouver, Fraser Valley, and other parts of BC.


As a leader in property development and investment management, Newgen Group continually strives for excellence in corporate governance, transparency, and accountability. We seek growth by seeking out unique development opportunities, achieving maximum value for our investors, and nurturing and retaining a high-potential talent pool.



Newgen has a successful track record of developing a wide range of real estate projects in British Columbia. From large-scale subdivisions, to concrete high-rise condominium buildings, we have a proven history of effectively taking a tract of land and evolving it into a thriving community. To date, we have completed over $200 million in real estate development projects.


A key part of what we do is business management and business consulting. Aside from developing our own real estate projects, we help investors with their business goals by bringing our 20 years of management and consulting experience to tailor solutions to their specific needs and targets.


To realize our shared ambitions and targets, Newgen secures finance through debt or equity, carries out risk assessment both short-term and long-term, and executes at the most opportune moment to ensure the best results for our partnerships.